Private and semi-private Pilates lessons


During the first lesson, we do a full posture assessment as well as an evaluation of the client’s fitness level.We talk about any medical and /or physical injuries, past or present, and discuss all goals and wishes. Finally, we define the future programme objective always based on correcting old postural habits, creating new balance in the body and strengthening, stretching and shaping the muscles. The personalised programmes we create evolve and change depending on the regularity of the client, his/her aims, physical ability and age. During the initial lessons, we work on correct breathing, on learning how to find and feel the deep abdominal muscles (core stabilizers) as well as the pelvic floor muscles and how to correctly stabilize the scapular girdle (the muscles that keep our shoulders down). During the very gentle and seemingly simple beginner’s exercises, we create the strong foundations for the more and more difficult and complex exercises that can follow and at the same time pinpoint the new client’s strengths and weaknesses.


At Swissbody®, all clients are asked to
take at least 4 private Pilates lessons when they start..


After the first four sessions, the client can choose to continue in private or he/she can move into semi-private lessons (2 people with the instructor each doing his/her own programme) or into a group class (maximum 6 people all doing the same class). We highly recommend occasional, if not once a week private sessions for 100% personal attention combined with semi-private and/or privates lessons for more autonomy.

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We adapt all our programmes to suit the objectives and needs of our clients: Whether it’s for the rehabilitation of an injury, relief from chronic pain due to bad postural habits, for specific training of an athlete or dancer or simply for general well-being and postural improvement.