Florence Gandillon

Full level 6 certification, Master Instructor Swissbody Pilates Academy


Les Professeurs de Swissbody FlorenceFlorence was born in Geneva. After having followed a classical and modern dance training course in Geneva for 13 years, Florence danced in a Swiss company. She then devoted her time to teaching dance, which she did for 9 years as a freelance teacher and as part of the cultural activities at the University of Geneva. Florence has a passion for Pilates as this technique works on the different parts of the body in a conscientious and intelligent manner which was on a par with her expectations. It is this precise approach that she wants to transmit through her teaching. Florence joined the Swissbody Team in November 2006 and became a member of the teacher training staff of the Swissbody Pilates Academy in 2009. She regularly follows workshops and advanced training courses with Susan Pepper, Jennifer Paynter, Bertrand Raison and Markus Siegenthaler. Florence speaks both French (mother tongue) and English (at conversational level).


The Swissbody® Pilates Academy

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