Liselore Chodorovsky



liseloreOf French, Swiss origins, Liselore trained as a classical dancer and then as a modern jazz dancer. After dancing in various companies in Paris and Tel Aviv and in various styles: jazz, cabaret, operetta and contemporary, she returned to Switzerland where she studied and then worked in interior design. While keeping dance in her heart, Liselore turned to Pilates to find the teaching of the movement but in a more therapeutic way.

In 2014, she did all her training at Swissbody Pilates Academy with Susan Arena, 2nd generation Pilates Master, and graduated to teach matwork and equipment for all levels.

In 2017, she is certified in "Classical Pilates" method with Kirk Smith, another 2nd generation Pilates Master, on all equipment. She always seeks to improve and enrich her work through complementary disciplines, such as Thai Boxing or Nordic Walking.

Lislore speaks: French, English and Hebrew

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