Mélina de Lamarlière

Mélina de Lamarlière grew up in neighbouring France. In 2010 she moved to Grenoble to study at a school specialising in sport and dance where she achieved her « Baccalauréat » in economy and social studies. At 18 years old, she went to London to join the Trinity LABAN Conservatory of Music and Dance. In 2012 she obtained her Diploma in Dance Studies and in 2015 she received her certification in Dance Interpretation from the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich. During her studies Mélina interpreted creations for internationally renowned choreographers such as Caroline Finn, Peter Mika, Romain Guion and Tony Thatcher.

During these study years she discovered her talent as a choreographer and presented her work in Munich. It was in 2015 that she became the assistant of the well-known choreographer: Johannes Härtl.

She returned to the Geneva region in 2017 where she founded her own company,
« Speak in silence » in collaboration with Camille Krotenberg

It was during her dance studies that Mélina had discovered Pilates and had started teaching this method in 2015. Once back in Switzerland, she decided to return to her Pilates studies at the Swissbody Pilates Academy where she has continued her teacher training.

Today, be it as a dancer, a choreographer and/or a Pilates instructor, Mélina is recognised for her qualities as a pedagogue, for her dynamism and for her passion for sharing her knowledge.

Since 2018 she teaches Pilates not only at the Swissbody Centres but also at the
« Bachelor danse » at the « Manufacture » at the « Haute Ecole des Arts de Lausanne » and also at the studio « L’Impasse/Cie Greffe ». Mélina also teaches dance at the Art center of the International School of Geneva.


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