Sabine Hilsberg



sabineSabine, who has three children, was born in Germany and has been living in Switzerland since 1997. She holds a degree in economy and tourism from the university of Heilbronn, Germany and has worked several years in a variety of marketing jobs. Her passion for physical activity motivated her to become a sports instructor and, since 2006, she is a certified trainer for “Gymnastique Seniors Geneve”. She has also completed a certification from “l’Office Fédéral du Sport Suisse” and has worked several years for the “Fédération Suisse de Gymnastique”. Certified at the Swissbody® Pilates Academy, she has been teaching Pilates at the Swissbody® centres since 2014. To complete and extend her knowledge and skills, she regularly participates in further education and workshops at the Swissbody® Pilates Academy, Geneva and at Polestar Pilates, Basel. For Sabine, Pilates is the best step to a healthy long life (Joseph Pilates exercised well into his 80s) as it can be easily adapted to a wide variety of individual needs, ages and personal health and fitness. Sabine speaks fluent French, German, English and Spanish.


The Swissbody® Pilates Academy

Whether you are a passionate Pilates student interested in mastering the art of teaching, or already a Pilates or movement science instructor, dance teacher, sports coach or physiotherapist seeking to advance and perfect your knowledge and fine tune your teaching skills, Swissbody® can provide you with a programme encompassing beginner through to advanced level teacher training as well as a broad range of continuing education courses to help you become an inspiring, accomplished and responsible instructor.