Véronique Leclerc



veroniqueVéronique who was born in Geneva, has always been interested in physical activities and so it was in 1997 that she entered into the world of professional sport. She studied at Vertico, Sports Section, EPFL, Lausanne and in 2002 she qualified with excellent results in Step, High & Low Impact, Body Sculpt and Stretching.


A few years later, Véronique participated in a refresher workshop organised by her employers that was to be given by 2nd generation Pilates Master, Susan Pepper Arena. This meeting with Susan helped Véronique to realise the importance of practicing a sport in total security and while fully conscious of ones own physical capacities. At the end of 2011, she decided to start her Pilates teacher training at the Swissbody® Pilates Academy.


In 2014, in addition to her continual Pilates training, she discovered the Parallel Pilates® and so began a specialised training in this method with Susan’s husband, Cav. Giuseppe Arena. Through these studies and training she deepened her understanding of the body and movement, learned how to correct and balance her own posture and body so as to better teach others with truth and sincerity.


Véronique joined the Swissbody® team in September 2016 where she now teaches both Parallel Pilates® and Pilates. She feels that these two methods serve as the essence or roots of all correct construction and preparation of the body for any activity as well as the source of daily well-being.


Véronique speaks fluent French and some English.


The Swissbody® Pilates Academy

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